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Stanford Public Humanities (PubHum) advances and amplifies research in the humanities, arts, and social sciences critical to the understanding of the human experience—and ensures that ideas and outcomes generated by faculty and students can reach a broad and diverse public beyond the halls of academia.

The Public Humanities grew out of the Changing Human Experience (CHE) initiative, as part of the university’s Long Range-Planning process. CHE affirmed the conviction that the university must not only contribute to technological transformations but also lead the interpretation and explanation of the human experience.

Public Humanities creates opportunities for faculty and students  to promote their scholarship and ideas in new ways and provides competitive Humanities Seed Grants that support faculty who want to explore key issues of our time through collaborative, public-oriented research. PubHum also spearheads interdisciplinary courses for undergraduates that draw upon faculty research and public scholarship and explore pressing questions facing the world today--and provides opportunities for students to learn what it means to do hands-on research as part of a scholarly community.